Woodcut illustration of the artist Marcia Varronis (or Iaia of Cyzicus)

History Minor

The “standard” minor in History is available to all non-History majors. It consists of 18 hours of History coursework of which at least six (6) hours must be taken at the advanced (3000 and 4000) level.

The History Minor gives students near total freedom and flexibility by allowing them to count almost any of the department’s courses toward their program of study. Better yet, the History Minor is the “easiest” minor for any UTA undergraduate student to complete.

All undergraduate students at UTA are required to complete the department’s two-course sequence in US History (HIST 1311 and HIST 1312) as part of the university’s core curriculum. Some may also take one or more additional History courses as part of a separate degree plan. Still others arrive at UTA having completed course equivalents via AP Exams or transfer credits.

Whether you’ve fulfilled your required History courses on the UTA campus OR transferred in credit from AP exams, high school dual credit courses, or a community college – they count. If you’re a new transfer student it’s possible that you may only need as few as two courses (six credit hours) to finish your History Minor!