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The History Department offers a variety of minor options for non-History majors as well as for History majors who want complementary interdisciplinary coursework focusing on a particular historical theme.

  • The History Minor gives students near total freedom and flexibility by allowing them to count almost any of the department’s courses toward their program of study. Better yet, the History Minor is the “easiest” minor for any UTA undergraduate student to complete.

  • The Minor in Military History provides students an opportunity to undertake focused study of the origins, development, and influence of armed conflict in the human past. Students fulfill the program’s requirement by completing courses examining historical conflicts and/or military eras. Special Topics courses devoted to military subjects may be counted toward the Minor.

  • Any major at UTA can be paired with the Geography Minor which consists of 18 hours of Geography coursework of which at least six (6) hours must be taken at the advanced (3000 and 4000) level. Students may count six hours of GEOL credit toward the Geography minor, so if you take Geology 1301 and 1302 for your core science credit, you are only a few courses away from a minor in Geography.

Questions? Please visit with a History advisor!