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Military History Minor

The Department's Minor in Military History provides students an opportunity to undertake focused study of the origins, development, and influence of armed conflict in the human past. After fulfilling the two university-required core courses in US History, you can wrap up a Minor in Military History by successfully completing any four (4) of the classes below. 

University Required Core Courses (6 hours):

HIST 1311 History of the United States to 1865

HIST 1312 History of the United States, 1865 to the present 

Minor Elective Courses (12 hours) - any four of the following:

HIST 2377 Flight Culture and the Human Experience

HIST 3325 Civil War & Reconstruction

HIST 3348 American Foreign Relations, 1775-1913

HIST 3349 American Foreign Relations, 1913 to the present

HIST 3356 US Military History

HIST 3361 The United States in Vietnam

HIST 3384 War & Social Change / The Military Revolution

HIST 3388 The Great War, 1914-1918

HIST 3389 World War II, 1939-1945

HIST 4330 Medieval Crusade & Jihad

HIST 4363 The USSR in Global Cold War

HIST 4388 Topics in History (when applicable)

To declare your Minor in Military History, contact one of the Department's undergraduate advisors.