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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington


Course Schedules

Fall 2018
Updated: 2018-Aug-14

Honors Sciences

HONR-SC 1426-001 & -101 : Honors Calculus I & lab
Students interested in Honors Calculus I should enroll in MATH-1426-050.

BIOL 1441-003 : Honors Biology I & lab
(Frederick, L) lecture: TR 930-1050A; lab: take any lab section

PHYS 1443-004 : Honors Physics I
(TBD) lecture: TR 930-1050A; lab: take any lab section

General Honors Courses

ECON 2306-010 : Principals of Microeconomics
(Gabel, T) TR 1100-1220P

ENGL 1302-010 : Honors Argumentative Writing
(Tatum, K) MWF 1100-1150A

ENGL 2338-006 : Technical Writing
(Worlow, C) TR 530-650P
This course now has open enrollment.

HIST 1311-013 : U.S. History To 1865
(Narrett, D) TR 930-1050A

HIST 1312-010 : U.S. History Since 1865
(Goldberg, J) TR 1100-1220P

MUSI 1300-004 : Music Appreciation
(Espinosa, S) TR 800-920A

POLS 2312-011 : State & Local Government (section change)
(Caraway, K) TR 2330-150P

UNIV-HN 1131-001 : Issues in College Adjustment
(Henry, T) MW 300-350P

UNIV-HN 1131-002 : Issues in College Adjustment
(Chojnacki, R) MW 400-450P

UNIV-HN 1131-003 : Issues in College Adjustment
(Pritchett, C) TR 1100-1150A

UNIV-HN 1131-004 : Issues in College Adjustment
(Brown, B) TR 1230-120P

Liberal Arts (cross-listed)

HONR-LA 3304-001 : Introduction to Medical Humanities
(Gellman,S) (HUMA 3340) MW 230-350P

HONR-LA 3304-008 : Social Statistics
(Kunovich,R) (SOCI 3352) MWF 100-150P

HONR-LA 3304-009 : Sociological Theory
(Arditi,D) (SOCI 3372) TR 1100-1220P
This course is for students with a Junior standing or better.

HONR-LA 3304-010 : The Rise of Civilization
(Petruso,K) (ANTH 3355) TR 1230-150P

Social Work (cross-listed)

HONR-SW 2303-001 : Intro to Social Work
(TBD) (SOCW 2311-001) MWF 900-950A

HONR-SW 3304-001 : HBSE: Life Span Development
(TBD) (SOCW 3302-002) TR TR 1100-1220P

HONR-SW 3304-002 : Social Welfare Policy and Services
(TBD) (SOCW 3303-002) TR 330-450P

HONR-SW 3304-003 : Social Work Research Methods
(TBD) (SOCW 3308-001) TR 200-320P