ANTH 5317
The Archæology of Exploration, Travel and Trade

Fall Semester 2006


     The following sources will be of use for the topics we will consider in this course. This list covers some subjects better than others, and should by no means be considered comprehensive. It is long, but has purposely not been arranged topically to encourage you to browse it in its entirety. You are encouraged to identify other appropriate works and to mine their bibliographies.
      Not all of the following works are owned by the UTA Libraries, so use of Interlibrary Loan will be necessary. Anthropology subject librarian John Dillard has compiled an online list of useful resources for this course (including hyperlinks to many full-text articles cited below), which can be accessed here.
      Asterisked items in the list below are on reserve in the Central Library.

Books, monographs and journal articles:

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Websites (Only a start; participants are encouraged to recommend reliable websites they discover in the course of their research):

An online translation of the Story of Sinuhe:

An online translation of the Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor:

A website with many illustrations of early maps and conceptions of the world:

David Anthony's website on research into the domestication and early use of the horse, including a number of online articles:

The Virtual Museum of Nautical Archaeology of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, based at Texas A&M University (includes articles on excavated Mediterranean and other shipwrecks):

J.S. Illsley's University of Southampton course on the History and Archaeology of the Ship is outstanding, and has a deep archive of images: The index is at

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