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Contract Offer Extension Request

Housing - Residence Hall Offer Reinstatement Reque

Housing - Residence Hall Offer Reinstatement Reque

Students who have been offered a contract for a residence hall space may request a reinstatement of their application if they did not complete the process by the deadline.

Students who are reinstated will be auto allocated during the next auto allocation process. Please keep in mind, reinstatement is not guaranteed and is based on availability. Additionally, the next auto allocation process may be a few weeks after the reinstatement request. Keep an eye on your UTA e-mail for updates.

Students will only receive 1 reinstatement. If a contract is not accepted after 1 reinstatement, the student will be directed to the No Show Day process.

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    If you do not specify a date, you will receive a four-day extension from the date this request is processed.

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