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Academic or Military Exceptions

Early cancellation of your Residence Hall Contract is only allowed in instances of approved Academic or Military Exception as noted below.

Student may request an Academic Exception if:

(i) Student is scheduled to Graduate during the Term,

(ii) Student is enrolled in a UTA Study Abroad Program during the Term,

(iii) Student is enrolled in a For-Credit Internship which requires daily travel further than 45 miles from the Premises during the Term, or

(iv) Student withdraws from the University and remains unenrolled for the remainder of the Academic Year.

Student may request a Military Exception if student has received official orders requiring military deployment for more than 30 continuous days during the Term.

Student must submit official written documentation evidencing the reason for the request for an Academic or Military Exception as may be required by the UTA Housing Office.

All applicable charges and any penalties will be applied to the Student’s MYMAV account upon processing the move-out paper work within 45 days of the move-out date.  With the exception of students who are graduating during the term, all other academic exceptions will not be verified until after the enrollment census date in Spring.  In this instance, Contract Cancellation Charges assessed for Spring may only be reversed after the enrollment census date in Spring.

If you are seeking an academic or military exception, please furnish official documentation evidencing your request to within 24 hours of requesting contract cancellation. In addition to official documentation, please also include your name and student ID.  If we do not receive a request for academic or military exception, we will assume that you expect to pay 100% of the remaining housing charges through the end of the Spring Term.