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Each semester, Apartment & Residence Life staff host hundreds of events to get residents out of their rooms to interact, build life-long friendships, and provide opportunities for learning outside the classroom.  We call these events Programs and they are hosted by other residents in hall council, resident assistants, or full time staff from various departments.

Departments contributing to learning outside the classroom within the residential communities include:  University College Programs, Counseling Services, Office of Students with Disabilities, Excel Campus Activities, Student Conduct and more.

Edwin BaldelomarEdwin Baldelomar
Physics, Ft. Worth, TX, Residence Hall resident
“I feel like I have really have the greatest college experience ever because of all the people I have been able to meet, events I have been able to attend, organizations I have been able to be involved in and all this was possible because it was convenient to live on campus.”

“Also living on campus has really been helpful to for academically.  I have been able to utilize a lot of on campus resources like the Math and Physics clinic to help me excel in my class work.  Overall if I had to do it all over again I would still live on campus.   I think I made the best decision for me.”

living on campus

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