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Learning Communities

UT Arlington's Learning Communities are the intersection of living and learning.  They serve as a hub for connecting students who share similiar interests and degree plans.  Imagine the academic success like-minded residents can have when living next to peers taking the same classes, researching similiar topics, and networking with upperclassmen in the same degree field.    General learning communities serve as a geographic boundary within the halls where like-minded majors can live together, attend major- or interest-oriented programming and rely on one another for academic and social support.  To join a learning community, rank your desired learning communities in order of preference on your University Housing application and indicate a preference for Arlington, KC, or Vandergriff.  We will make housing offeres first based on your building location preference first, then accommodate the learning community preference if possible.  For example, if you desire to be in the Honors learning community, your first residence hall preference should be Vandergriff Hall and your first learning community preference should be Honors.

To be a part of the Trinity ROTC learning community, residents must apply for the UTA Presidential Housing – ROTC scholarship through the Military Science Department.

Within just about every Learning Communities is a Freshman Interest Group (FIG).  These are a set of rooms we reserve for incoming freshman who have been accepted into the FIG program.  Each FIG consists of 15-30 students who share the same major or interest and enroll in similar class schedules and participate in a specially designed Freshman Seminar.  One of the great values of the FIG program is the opportunity to begin working together with faculty and staff from their chosen major as soon as they arrive on campus.  Students who desire to apply for a FIG must submit a complete University Housing application AND apply to be in the FIG through University College.  

Not sure which FIG group or Learning Community is right for you?  Look up your major using the chart in the highlighted link and find out what group will fit your major the best. 

It's never too early to begin thinking about your future at UT Arlington. Remember, Learning Communities are open to everyone, not just freshmen. The Learning Communities are located as follows:

Arlington Hall KC Hall Vandergriff Hall Trinity House

Business Incorporated

Designing the 21st Century

Healthy Lifestyles

Engineering Your Future

Science and Discovery


Arts & Society

Be Great



Students living on campus are more likely to earn higher GPAs, complete degrees on time, and even pursue advanced degrees. Living on campus keeps students connected 24-7 with more access to caring administrators and faculty who understand and are meeting the needs of the students. Get ahead by being close to the resources you need to excel.