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Move-in / Move-out Information


Moving in can seem a bit overwhelming but we do our best to make it easy and carefree.

Residence Hall Move In

Residence Hall students will move into the residence halls on Monday, August 24th, 2015.  Please visit the Residence Hall Move In Event page for details about move in day.  

Apartment Move In 

The Heights on Pecan - Move in for residents of The Heights on Pecan is scheduled for Friday, August 21st, 2015. Residents will need to go to The Heights on Pecan apartment office to check in. You will need to have your Mav ID card with you at the time of check in.  Please note that pro-rated rent must have been paid prior to your arrival on campus. 

Additionally, students under 22 years of age in the following categories must comply with the meningitis vaccination requirements at least 10 days from a housing contract offer or 10 days before move in, whichever is earliest.  

  • First-time college students
  • Students transferring from another institution
  • Students who are re-enrolling following a break of at least one fall or spring semester

East and West Campus Apartment residents (unfurnished) will begin the move in process by visiting the University Housing Office in the University Center on their scheduled move in date between 8am - 5pm.  University Housing will issue your apartment keys and finalize any necessary paperwork.  You may move into your apartment after 5:00 p.m. on your lease start date.  If you plan on having a roommate (registered occupant), you should register your occupant online prior to your move in date to make sure both you and your roommate(s) will be issued a key on move in day.  If possible, please bring your registered occupant(s) with you to University Housing.

You are required to complete the following before your scheduled move in date:

  • Pay your prorated rent before your move in date.  The amount due is shown on your lease agreement.
  • Set up all utilities as required
  • Register all occupants – (keys will only be issued to registered occupants)
  • Meet the meningitis requirement

How to Register Your Occupants

In order to use the On-line Housing Assistant you will need your net ID and password issued to you by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). If you do not have or know your net ID or password, contact the OIT at Occupants must be registered on the lease before a key can be issued to them.

Below are the instructions to for registering your occupants through the Online Housing Assistant.

  1. Visit the Online Housing Assistant
  2. Read the FERPA disclosure and click “Continue”.
  3. Log in using your Net ID and password on the UTA Online Housing Assistant home page.
  4. Click on the “Application” tab.
  5. Select “Apartment Application” and click “Save and Continue”.
  6. Click on “Additional Occupant Management” from the list of options on the menu to the left of the page to view or update your occupant and emergency contact information.

On your scheduled move in date:

Key Pick Up

You must pick up your key in the housing office between noon and 4:00 pm. You may not enter the property until after 5:00 pm.

  • Registered additional occupants must provide evidence of proper registration and pick up their own key in the Housing Office. 
  • Please note that the Housing Office will close at 5:00 pm. Failure to arrive on campus by the above stated time will/can result in a delayed move in process. Because the Housing Office is closed on weekends, residents with a lease start date of Saturday or Sunday should pick up keys on Friday.
  • If a moving company is delivering your belongings or if you are you are having furniture delivered, please schedule delivery for after 5:00pm on your scheduled move in date. You cannot enter the property until after 5pm on move in day.

Parking Tag

Purchase a parking tag from the University Police Parking Office at 1225 West Mitchell Suite 112 if you will be parking on campus. The Parking Office is located in the J. D. Wetsel Building on the northwest corner of Davis and Mitchell. You will need to show them a copy of your lease residence verification form to verify your eligibility for a parking tag. Additional occupants that will be parking on campus will also need to purchase a parking tag. For more information, call the Parking Office at 817-272-4027.

Inventory and Condition Form

An Apartment Life staff member has completed an inspection of your apartment prior to your arrival. A copy of the inventory and condition form will be waiting for you on your kitchen counter. If you have changes that need to be made to the condition form, please contact your RA.

Cable and Internet

To connect to internet or cable TV or sign up for VoIP, view the Apogee ResNet booklet.

APARTMENT Move-out Information

East and West Campus Apartment Residents

If you are planning to move out of your apartment, you must first submit a termination notice to University Housing.  Please review your lease terms and conditions to be sure you are meeting all of the notice requirements for your apartment.  Once your termination notice has been submitted, you must schedule a move out inspection with the Apartment Life staff  using our online formYou must schedule the appointment at least 5 days in advance of your move out date.  Please review the Apartment Move Out Guide (PDF) for more information about the apartment move out process.


Arlington Hall



Arlington Hall opened in 2000 and is a co-educational residential facility. With 596 students, it is our largest residence hall and includes amenities like basketball and volleyball courts, multiple study and TV lounges, Wi-Fi, Internet connections in rooms, and cable TV service in the bedrooms and common areas.

Arlington Hall

move-in day

Meningitis Immunization

All entering students are required to provide proof of meningitis immunization or an applicable State Health Department waiver.  UT Arlington asks students to submit proof of vaccination or applicable waiver to Magnus Health SMR, to ensure that documents are processed in time to comply with the law.

Get the details here