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Policies and Resources


How Do I....?


To ensure that your stay in the halls is a positive experience we have put together this information to inform you of the policies and the opportunities available. While we hope you have fun and get the most out of your stay in the residence halls, please remember that as hall staff we promote academic excellence as a first priority! If you have any questions, the staff will be happy to assist you. Please read the Residence Hall Handbook thoroughly. You are responsible for the information in this Residence Hall Handbook and any updates issued during the year. All Apartment and Residence Life Handbooks are located here.


Below are links to important information you should be aware of when living in the apartment communities.

How Do I...?

What do I do if I got a new ID and need access to my room in Arlington, KC and Lipscomb?
Stop by the front desk to pick up a temporary card to use.  Mav Express will reprogram your lock within 48 hours of your new ID being made.

How do I change rooms?
Contact your front desk if you want to stay in the same residence hall and not change types of rooms (double to private or private to double).  If you want to change halls or types of room, visit the Housing Office.

How do I complete a work order?
Call 817-272-2000 or submit a work order at

How do I set up my cable and internet?

Cable TV and Internet are provided free of charge in most of our communities.  Apogee MyResNet provides service to our residential campus for all communities with free service.  For communities where cable TV and internet are not provided, reference the Cable Service Guide and the Internet Service Guides above.  For all other communities, reference the guides below and/or contact Apogee directly at 877-392-5615.

To connect to internet or cable TV or sign up for VoIP, view the Cable and Internet Guide (PDF) above.

How do I fix my TV/internet?
Contact Apogee in all communities except KC Hall & Meadow Run Phase 2. For KC Hall & Meadow Run, contact OIT