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Office Assistants


Interested in working as an Office Assistant? We are currently accepting applications for openings for the 2018-2019 academic year!

This is a work study position, so you will need to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before you apply, to determine your work study eligibility.

To complete the FAFSA, go to or call for a paper copy at 1-800-4-FED-AID.

For more information about completing the FAFSA and a full list of documents you should have available when doing so, go to and UTA’s Title IV code is 003656.”

Office Assistants are students selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, life experience, and the desire to be part of an extraordinary customer service team for residence hall students. By working to maintain the smooth and efficient running of the hall office, Office Assistants play an integral role in the development of a safe and supportive community in their residence hall. Office Assistants are part of the UT-Arlington Apartment & Residence Life Department and are recognized as University staff members; they are therefore expected to act with professionalism and respect in all circumstances. Especially during times when they are not working, Office Assistants are responsible for acting as role models for residents by using their own best judgment, maturity, and concern for those individuals in their community.

Office Assistants (OAs) are typically residents of the buildings in which they are employed. They assist in the day to day operation of the residence hall office. OAs are responsible for referring students to campus resources, checking out equipment, completing general administrative office duties, providing tours of the residence hall, and assisting the residence director(s) as needed.

The office assistants report to the Residence Director. 

For more information on how to apply see below

Thank you for your interest in the Office Assistant position!

Applying to be an Office Assistant is more than just completing an application and attending an interview.  Our application process is designed not only to make sure that we get the best candidates, but to know that this position is a good fit for you. The following is information that will help you navigate the process.


The following are requirements that are necessary in order to apply for the Office Assistant position:

  • Excellent computer and communication skills.
  • No major disciplinary issues (conduct or academic integrity) with the Office of Community Standards and/or Apartment and Residence Life.
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check

The following are requirements that are preferred in order to apply for the Office Assistant position:

  • 2.25cumulative GPA at the time of application.
  • Lived in an on campus community for a minimum of one semester
  • Currently reside (or plan to reside) in an on campus community. Ability to return to campus to begin training for your community (Training begins in early August).
  • Submitted a completed application through SNAP Jobs AND the Supplemental Application.


The Office Assistant application process consists of two parts:

NOTE: All applicants need to complete both the SnapJob application AND the Supplemental application in order to be considered for an interview. Both the SnapJob application and the Supplemental application is due by 5pm on Friday, June 28th, 2018.  


  • In order to be considered an applicant, a Snap Jobs application and a Supplemental application must both be completed.
  • Take your time – do not wait until the night before the application is due!
  • It is recommended that you take the Supplemental Application seriously, as the essay answers are reviewed in order for ARL staff to determine which candidates are offered an interview.
  • Have a friend review and revise your answers to the supplemental application!
  • Read each question thoroughly and answer all parts of the question
  • Be on time for your interviews
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