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Residence Assistants

Resident assistants (RAs) are student leaders who have experienced residence hall or apartment living for a minimum of two semesters. Students living in a residence hall or apartment community are provided a specific RA in their living area who is there to assist them.

RAs are responsible for promoting an academic environment, referring students to campus resources, developing community among residents, enforcing university and housing policies, completing administrative tasks to include checking residents in and out of their residence hall room, and providing social and educational programming to their residents.

The resident assistants report to the residence director.










Resident Assistant Compensation 2013-2014


Residence Halls

East & West Campus Apartments, Heights on Pecan





Arlington, Vandergriff, & KC Hall RAs pay the Arlington Double Rate minus $500.


Brazos, Lipscomb, & Trinity RAs pay the Brazos Double Rate.

Designated apartment at a 45% rental rate reduction.  Rental rates will increase on August 1, 2013.

Meal Plan

RA Meal Plan

No meal plan

In State Tuition

Yes; provided due to the meal plan

No; because no meal plan is provided


Private room

Apartment is unfurnished in East and West Campus Apartments; Heights on Pecan is completely furnished.




Residence hall students can choose from one of our four traditional meal plans while students living in campus apartments or off campus can choose from the commuter or traditional plans. All plans include meals in the Connection Café and Dining Dollars that can be used at all dining locations on campus.

UT Arlington Dining Services