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Why Have a Roommate

Having a roommate is a great way to meet people and stay connected. We’ve all heard the story of roommates meeting on move in day and becoming instant friends. Although the instant friend is not the case for every student on campus, so many of our students really enjoy having a roommate to share the real college experience with*.

Roommates can help cut down on rent cost, be a study buddy, a great way to learn about other people or experience new adventures.  We could tell you a ton of benefits to having a roommate but we thought our students might be better.

Read below to hear what some of our on-campus residents had to say about having a roommate and living on campus.

Know someone you would like to live with in a Residence Hall? If you would like to request a roommate or change rooms within your Residence Hall, please visit the front desk of your Hall to request this change.  If you are requesting to change to a different Residence Hall or room type, please visit University Housing located in the E.H. University Center building.  Room and Hall changes are not accepted until two weeks after the move-in date.

*It is the policy of University to assign roommates without regard to veteran status, race, religion, age, sexual preference, disabilities, or national origin.

Brianna McDadeBrianna McDade
Finance, Denton, TX, Residence Hall Resident
“My roommate is someone I can talk to you and it’s nice to never feel like I am by myself. Even though I have a private room, there is always an opportunity to talk with my roommates.  All my roommates have different majors and interests we are all still friends and like watching TV shows together. One of my favorite parts of meeting my roommate is getting to meet all of her friends too."

katy austinKaty Austin
Theatre Arts, Houston, TX , Residence Hall Resident
“This is my second year living on campus and like my first year, I have had the fortune of having great roommates. I think that one of the greatest things about living on campus is the support you get from them. Each year I have had lasting friendships with my roommates and it has made my college experience a lot of fun. We are looking forward to living together next year in a suite."


Get Involved



With more than 10,000 students living on or within five miles of campus, there are always opportunities for involvement, both academically and socially. Join any of our more than 330 student organizations, a Freshman Interest Group, or get involved with intramural sports – there’s never a shortage of things to do, and you’ll be close enough to take advantage of all of it.