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FLSA Update

As you may know, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing the Department of Labor from implementing or enforcing the new Fair Labor Standards Act Final Rule on overtime that was scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2016.

After careful consideration, we will move forward with the changes in employees positions from classified exempt to classified non – exempt in accordance with the job duties test effective, December 1st. If positions met the job duties test for classified exempt but did not meet the salary level requirement, those positions will remain classified exempt but no salary adjustment will be needed.

All staff positions had been reviewed by the HR team in preparation for the new regulations.   Employees in positions that were classified exempt and are now designated as non- exempt based on the job duties test will be eligible for comp time or paid overtime for all hours physically worked over 40 in a week.  For example, in a week where the staff member has physically worked 44 hours she/he will be eligible for overtime at the federal rate of time and a half.  Therefore, the employee will earn 6 hours of comp time for that week.