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Activity Assistant

Job Description

TITLE: Activity Assistant

JOB CODE: 3490



EEO6 CODE: 7 = Service Maintenance

GRADE: Pay Grade 5

PAY PLAN: Annually
minimum 20,796.00
midpoint 25,788.00
maximum 30,780.00

PURPOSE: To provide supervision and assistance for organized recreational activity. Responsible for supervision of recreational facilities during hours of recreational programming and/or for providing limited instruction in recreational activity areas.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Preserve order among the participants in various activities while enforcing rules and regulations.  Exercises limited authority by making independent decisions concerning activity problems.  Give minor instructions to participants concerning particular activity and proper use of supplies and equipment.  Prepares area for use.  Arranges schedules.  Issues and stores equipment and supplies.  Answers questions concerning activity.  May operate a cash register and sell or verify tickets.  Performs related duties as required. Assists in training new personnel.  Settle minor disputes or problems.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: REPORTS TO: Some specific and many general instructions.  Close supervision for new and semi-skilled duties. SUPERVISION: N/A SUPERVISION-OTHER: Instruction to recreation participants.


REQUIRED EDUCATION-OTHER: High school graduation or equivalent.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE / COMPETENCIES-OTHER: REQUIRED EXPERIENCES/COMPETENCIES: None. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Proper use of equipment or supplies used in the activity. Adequate knowledge of rules and regulations pertaining to the activity. Works with large number of participants in recreation activity frequently in outdoor, shop, or games area environment. May require evening or weekend hours depending on the activity. May require careful operation of equipment for protection of equipment or the individual.  Specific job requirements or physical location of positions allocated to this classification render the position security sensitive and thereby subject to the provisions of Section 51.215 Texas Education Code.