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Scientific Instrument Maker I

Job Description

TITLE: Scientific Instrument Maker I

JOB CODE: 4342



EEO6 CODE: 6 = Skilled Crafts

GRADE: Pay Grade 6

PAY PLAN: Annually
minimum 23,664.00
midpoint 29,142.00
maximum 34,620.00

PURPOSE: To provide for skilled fabrication, assembly and repair of instrument and machine parts by the use of lathes, milling machines, hand tools and other related machines and tools, from a variety of materials, usually metal or plastic. Responsible for producing to precise standards, specialized instrument and machine parts as set forth in sketches, oral instructions or blueprints, with review of the work by inspection of the part or instrument, or by operational efficiency of the part or machine.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Reads blueprints. Plans instrument manufacture. Guides metals or plastics into place and secures stock. Operates lathes, shapers and milling machines to shape material. Measures parts to assure conformity to standards. Assembles parts. Attaches electrical and electronic equipment for operation of instruments. May fabricate needed electric or electronic equipment and repair it. May use hand tools such as files or chisels for rough work of a less precise nature. May assist student, researcher or supervisor in planning instrument parts, or constructing instruments independently from oral instructions. May perform skilled metalwork such as forging, brazing, or gas and electric welding. Performs related duties as required. Assists teaching, research or supervisory personnel in design modification, operation of equipment to detect defects, or operation during initial experimentation. Maintains and repairs machinery and tools. Orders raw materials as necessary.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: REPORTS TO: From a Scientific Instrument Maker II, researcher or other supervisor. Instructions may be in the form of blueprints, oral instructions and sketches of work to be done. Effectiveness reviewed by supervisor for safety of operation and precision of parts manufactured. SUPERVISION: N/A SUPERVISION-OTHER: May instruct new, temporary or part-time personnel in machine use.


REQUIRED EDUCATION-OTHER: High school graduation or GED High school graduation or GED supplemented by, or including, vocational machine shop and other technical courses such as mathematics, physics and blueprint reading.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE / COMPETENCIES-OTHER: REQUIRED EXPERIENCES/COMPETENCIES: Two or more years of experience as a machinist beyond the apprentice level. Three or more years of such experience. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Lathe, milling machines, shaper, planer, drill press, welding equipment, micrometers, and other precision measuring devices. Other specialized scientific or engineering equipment common to the specific assignment. Accuracy in the fabrication, assembly and repair of instruments to specification from which instruments may not vary by more than one thousandth of an inch, or less. Usual machine, scientific or engineering shop conditions. Exposure to a variety of experimental laboratory shop conditions. Specific job requirements or physical location of positions allocated to this classification render the position security sensitive and thereby subject to the provisions of Section 51.215 Texas Education Code.