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Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Job Description

TITLE: Mechanical Maintenance Technician

JOB CODE: 5349



EEO6 CODE: 6 = Skilled Crafts

GRADE: Pay Grade 6

PAY PLAN: Annually
minimum 23,664.00
midpoint 29,142.00
maximum 34,620.00

PURPOSE: To perform journey level work in the maintenance and service of mechanical systems. Responsible for journey level work in installing, repairing, maintaining, and testing of mechanical systems.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs installation, maintenance, inspection, repair, and testing of heating, mechanical, electrical to include pumps, fans, and compressors. Sets up rigging required to set pumps/fans. Utilizes precision instruments to insure proper belts, chains, coupling, bearings, and other drive components. Performs critical preventive and repair maintenance, lubrication and inspections. Replaces and adjusts packing and seals. Performs routine and preventive maintenance on specialty equipment such as heat wheels. Sizes pumps and fans based on system parameters and pump/fan curves. Reads blueprints, works from specification and follows instructions both written and oral. Cleans, charpens, and adjusts tools as required. Inspects completed work for conformance with specifications, requirements, and compliance with applicable safety codes and regulations. Performs work in accordance with established safety procedures. Maintains a clean and safe work environment. Lifts, pushes, and pulls 50 pounds. Performs related duties as assigned.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: REPORTS TO: General supervision from immediate supervisor. SUPERVISION: N/A SUPERVISION-OTHER: None.


REQUIRED EDUCATION-OTHER: High school graduation or GED.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE / COMPETENCIES-OTHER: REQUIRED EXPERIENCES/COMPETENCIES: Three years of journey level experience in the maintenance and repair of pumps, fans, compressors, pneumatic equipment, or associated mechanical systems. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Use of hand and power tools applicable to trade. Accuracy in all phases of work performed. Exposure to adverse weather conditions and hazards such as extreme temperatures, chemicals, dust, and fumes. Specific job requirements or physical location of positions allocated to this classification render the position security sensitive and thereby subject to the provisions of Section 51.215 Texas Education Code.