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Senior Guard/Sr Public Safety Officer

Job Description

TITLE: Senior Guard/Sr Public Safety Officer

JOB CODE: 6340



EEO6 CODE: 5 = Technical/Para Professional

GRADE: Pay Grade 6

PAY PLAN: Annually
minimum 23,664.00
midpoint 29,142.00
maximum 34,620.00

PURPOSE: Responsible for enforcing the regulations pertaining to the parking of vehicles on University property; directing traffic; patrolling University property to safeguard persons, buildings and property under the control and jurisdiction of a component institution of The University of Texas System. Responsible for providing various support services within the component institution to further departmental goals. To provide advanced service and information to students, faculty, staff, and visitors; to enforce the rules and regulations of a component institution of The University of Texas System pertaining to the operation and parking of vehicles on University property; to help safeguard property of a component institution of The University of Texas System.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide service to students, employees, and visitors; check permits on vehicles entering and parked on campus. Must possess physical stamina to stand or sit for long periods of time while directing traffic, issuing permits, enforcing parking regulations, maintaining a security post, monitoring video cameras, answering phone calls, compiling written reports, conducting criminal background checks, conducting driver record history checks, and assist in a support role for various divisions within the component police department that the employee is assigned to. Must be able to properly affix University parking citations on windshields, walk over curbs and up and down stairways while patrolling buildings and grounds to check for fires, water leaks and general building security. Must possess the ability to type on a computer, write hand written reports, and communicate fluently in English in order to report all irregularities, emergencies, or suspicious activity to the University Police Department. Must possess sufficient strength and stamina to assist persons being evacuated during emergencies. Must be able to hear and respond to audible emergency alarms and instructions transmitted on a police radio. Must be able to respond audibly to public inquiries and transmit clearly over a police radio. Must be able to communicate effectively with, and provide lectures and demonstrations to, a diverse campus community on an as needed basis. Must be able to complete training courses necessary for specialty assignments.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: REPORTS TO: Work is performed under the general supervision of a Sergeant, Lieutenant, or other supervisor of the University Police. Supervision is usually available in person, by phone or by radio. Work requires the ability to make frequent minor decisions and occasional decisions of some significance. Work is reviewed for completeness, accuracy and compliance with departmental policy and procedure. SUPERVISION: N/A REQUIRED EDUCATION: $education

REQUIRED EDUCATION-OTHER: High school diploma or GED.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE / COMPETENCIES-OTHER: REQUIRED EXPERIENCES/COMPETENCIES: Must have successfully completed the Police Guard training program. 1 year experience as a Police Guard. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Working conditions involve exposure to variable weather conditions and working on any one of the three patrol or communications shifts or other times as required with varying days off. Work involves a degree of hazard. Work involves the use of a telephone, police radio, hand held ticket writer, motor vehicle, and computer as well as office equipment and related police equipment. Should have the physical and mental capabilities to properly carry out his or her responsibilities and duties. Must possess a valid Texas driver's license and driving history must comply with UT System policy and procedures. Must successfully pass a thorough background investigation. Specific job requirements or physical location of positions allocated to this classification render the position security sensitive and thereby subject to the provisions of Section 51.215 Texas Education Code.