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Accounting Clerk III

Job Description

TITLE: Accounting Clerk III

JOB CODE: 9170



EEO6 CODE: 4 = Secretarial/Clerical

GRADE: Pay Grade 6

PAY PLAN: Annually
minimum 23,664.00
midpoint 29,142.00
maximum 34,620.00

PURPOSE: To perform skilled accounting clerical work involving supervision of and participation in the work of a large unit maintaining numerous and diversified departmental accounts and records. Responsible for the application of elementary and advanced bookkeeping principles to a variety of transactions in a central accounting system.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for various sections of a department maintaining numerous diversified accounts. Perform billing and collection process to retrieve outstanding funds and correct errors and make adjustments. Participate in the pre-auditing and recording of expenditures, vouchers, purchase orders, verify auditing and recording of cash receipts. Maintenance of budget controls, general ledgers and other control accounts. Run check register to verify account balances. Maintenance of equipment and inventory records. Performs related duties as required. Trains new personnel. and recommends assignments or reassignments.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: REPORTS TO: Works under general supervision of Accountants, division head and/or assistant manager. SUPERVISION: N/A SUPERVISION-OTHER: Direct supervision and training to Accounting Clerks II and other clerical staff.


REQUIRED EDUCATION-OTHER: High school graduation.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE / COMPETENCIES-OTHER: REQUIRED EXPERIENCES/COMPETENCIES: Three years of experience in accounting or bookkeeping. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Standard office machines, personal computer and CRT. Light typing may be required by employing department. Proficiency in all duties performed. Specific job requirements or physical location of some positions allocated to this classification, may render the position security sensitive, and thereby subject to the provisions of Section 51.215 Texas Education Code.