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Database Administrator

Job Description

TITLE: Database Administrator

JOB CODE: 9827



EEO6 CODE: 5 = Technical/Para Professional

GRADE: Pay Grade 15

PAY PLAN: Annually
minimum 59,052.00
midpoint 79,128.00
maximum 99,204.00

PURPOSE: Provides technical leadership and operational expertise for the implementation, architecture, design, ongoing support and maintenance of institutional databases and related software systems. Responsible for designing, supporting and implementing database management systems. Working with multiple IT teams and the university departments to develop, maintain, and enhance several systems.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Develops and maintains a documented database strategy, including standards, design, maintenance, replication, archiving, access and security to support departmental and company needs. Manages and maintains all production and non-production databases, including performing backups, recovery and validation, as well as reporting on database statistics. Proactively manages the database environment to identify and recommend alternatives to poorly coded applications, including consulting with end users to recommend the most appropriate database solution. Optimizes database configurations for optimal configuration, performance and cost. Maintains current knowledge and keeps management informed of products, developments and trends in database management and software. Performs other duties as assigned.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: REPORTS TO: General supervision from the supervisory staff of department. SUPERVISION: N/A SUPERVISION-OTHER: May supervise technical personnel and support staff.


REQUIRED EDUCATION-OTHER: Bachelor's degree in related field.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE / COMPETENCIES-OTHER: REQUIRED EXPERIENCES/COMPETENCIES: Five years experience working with relational databases, data administration, ERP systems, and other software applications. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge of Oracle, UNIX/LINUX, Microsoft, People Soft and large data networks. General office conditions Specific job requirements or physical location of positions allocated to this classification render the position security sensitive and thereby subject to the provisions of Section 51.215 Texas Education Code.