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Requesting a New Position

All new positions, regardless of source of funds, require a position audit and must have approval by the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Management and Development and then the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost or the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (as appropriate).

Departments requesting a new position must complete an HRMS document, Create a New Position. Since it is a new position, the departmental head or the supervisor of the position will be responsible for completing the form.

Reminder, each time a new position is requested; an organizational chart must be submitted showing where the position being audited lies in the department. This may be done by entering the web address in the HRMS document or by faxing a copy to ext. 27288.

Once the Office of Human Resources receives this information, the compensation section will review it. Based on the review, the department may need to additional information. Once the document is approved, it will be routed to Employment to be posted.