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Legal Permanent Residency

Information on U.S. Permanent Resident Petitions

The University of Texas at Arlington will consider sponsorship of eligible employees for legal permanent resident (LPR) status in accordance with its U.S. Permanent Residency Policy and Procedures. The International Employment Coordinator will guide the processing and preparation of documentation related to the LPR petition; however, significant assistance and involvement from hiring departments and employees will be required. Please be aware that some LPR petition options have a limited timeframe in which to be filed; therefore, departments are encouraged to contact the International Employment Coordinator, Kellen Powell, as soon as they make a determination as to sponsorship.

The sponsorship process begins with a formal request from the hiring department. Certain employees are not eligible for sponsorship under UT Arlington's policy. Departments should review the policy carefully before discussing LPR sponsorship with an employee. Departments are encouraged to contact the International Employment Coordinator with any questions.

Employees interested in sponsorship should first discuss this with their department. The International Employment Coordinator will not discuss LPR sponsorship options with employees unless a formal request has been made by a department, and approved by the University, as outlined in the University policies and procedures.

Resources and Documents Related to UT Arlington’s LPR Sponsorship Process