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Merit Increase Guidelines for FY 14-15

The University of Texas at Arlington’s merit increase program is designed to reward employees on the basis of excellence in their performance.  Unit heads are asked to determine differential increases on the basis of the performance of each staff or faculty member relative to the accomplishment of individual and unit goals.

Merit increases will be applied to base salary and effective on September 1, 2014, which will be reflected in the October 2014 paychecks.


The employee must have been employed on or before March 1, 2014, undergone a documented review and be a participant in TRS, ORP, or be appointed at least 50% time.

The employee must have received a Solid Performance (SP) rating or a higher rating on the annual review or a six month performance review which was submitted to Human Resources. Faculty evaluations should follow similar criteria. 

The faculty or staff member must still be employed in October 2014 to receive a merit increase. 

Funding Parameters

Merit pools for educational and general accounts can be commingled with merit pools from other fund groups that are funded from designated tuition.  Central Administration will provide funding for educational and general accounts and for accounts funded by designated tuition.  The enhanced designated tuition (EDT) accounts must fund from their FY 14-15 budget allocations the portion of merit increases provided for individuals appointed to these accounts commensurate with their percentage appointment on these accounts.   All other accounts funded from other revenue sources (grants, contracts, Division of Enterprise Development, housing operations, auxiliary enterprises, revolving cost center accounts must fund the merit for individuals appointed to these accounts from the income they generate within these accounts.

Merit Increase Timeline

July 22 Merit pool allocation spreadsheets for faculty and staff increases will be emailed to Deans and Vice Presidents.
August 15 Merit pool allocation spreadsheets reflecting your recommendations are due to appropriate administrative offices (President, Provost, Vice Presidents) by 5:00 pm.
August 22 The President, Provost and Vice Presidents forward their reviewed and signed merit allocation spreadsheets to Human Resources for final review.
September 1

All units are notified of approved increases effective September 1, 2014.

Human Resources will enter the merit increases to base salary effective September 1, 2014 and will be reflected in October 2014 paychecks.

FY 2014-2015 Merit Memo