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Staff and Faculty Merit Increase Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2013

You can read the Merit Policy Memorandum announcing program details here in PDF Format. 



To:  Deans and Vice Presidents

From: Ronald Elsenbaumer, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

   Kelly Davis, Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

 Jean HoodVice President for Human Resources

Date:   October 15, 2012

Re:   Staff and Faculty Merit Increases/Guidelines

President Spaniolo has approved a merit salary pool for allocation to eligible faculty and staff for FY 2013.

Below are guidelines and instructions for developing merit recommendations for your area(s) of responsibility.

For employees receiving a merit increase, the increase will be to base salary and will be effective January 1, 2013 (reflected in the February paycheck).

Merit salary increases reward employees on the basis of work performance reflected in either the 2011 annual performance evaluation or a six-month performance evaluation. Overall performance should be considered, that is, results achieved and

contributions to the organizational success of the department and the mission of the University through teamwork, initiative, and overall productivity and quality of work.

The spreadsheet with the merit pool for faculty and staff increases for FY 2013 will be emailed to Deans and Vice Presidents on October 25, 2012.

The qualifications for inclusion in the merit pool salary calculation and payment are as follows:

  1. The employee must have been employed on or before March 1, 2012, and the employee must be a member in TRS, ORP, or a retiree appointed 50 percent time or more.
  2. To receive a merit increase, an employee must have received a "Solid Performance" (SP) rating or higher rating on the annual review submitted to the Office of Human Resources in March 2012 or on a six-month performance review. Differential increases should be determined on the basis of the performance of each staff member relative to the accomplishment of departmental goals. Higher merit increases should be recommended for employees whose performance during the review period has significantly and consistently exceeded expectations and job requirements. This should be demonstrated bexceptional depth and breadth of knowledge of the job requirements and recognition by others within the department or the UT Arlington community for exceptional contributions. Faculty must be similarly rated to be eligible for a merit increase.
  3. Merit pools for educational and general accounts (14 accounts) can be commingled with merit pools from other fund groups (19 or 29 accounts) that are funded from flat rate designated tuition. The Central Administration will provide funding for educational and general Accounts (14 accounts) and for accounts that are funded by flat rate designated tuition (19 or 29 accounts) The enhanced designated tuition accounts must fund the merit increases from their FY 2012-2013 budget allocations. Furthermore, all other accounts funded from other revenue sources (grants, continuing educationhousing operations, etc.) must fund the merit increases for eligible staff from incomes they generate within their accounts. Unfilled positions are excluded from the merit pool calculation.

For budget questions, please contact the Budget Office (Ext. 2-5500) or Sandy Elliott (for all Provost Reports Ext. 2-2299) if you have any questions or adjustments (reductions or increases) to the merit pool. For Human

Resources questions, contact Eunice Currie or Jean Hood at 2-7091 .

The merit salary pool allocation spreadsheet showing your merit decisions are due in the appropriate administrative office (President, Provost, Vice Presidents) by 5 pm on Friday, November 9 , 2012. The President, Provost, and Vice Presidents will then

forward the approved and signed merit allocation spreadsheets to Human Resources by Friday, November 30, 2012 . Human Resources will then complete their review of the merit payment decisions by Friday, December 14, 2012 and report their approval back to the units. 

Each unit will be responsible for creating the HRMS documents for the merit increases to base salary with an effective date of January 1, 2013. The merit

increases will be reflected in the February paychecks.

Thank you .

cc: James D. Spaniolo