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Using Your UT EID and UT Direct Self Service Features

Many Human Resources and Payroll Services actions are based on data that is contained in your employee record. The data is also used to:

  • Populate the UT Arlington directory
  • Route your campus mail
  • Serve as a source for your email address
  • Contact individuals in case of emergency via the emergency contact information you provide.

You can update and review your information through the UT Direct web application. Additional assistance is available in the UT Direct Employee Services Guide (PDF).

Using your UT EID and password, you can:

Update / validate your:

  • Home Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Education level



* In order to access personal or secure information your UT EID must be "activated" (upgraded to high assurance).

In addition, you can:

  • Review your earnings statement
  • Review / update your Tax Withholding (W-4)
  • Obtain your W-2
  • Obtain a verification of employment
  • Review and update your insurance and retirement elections (restrictions may apply)
  • Restrict or permit the release of your home address, home phone number and family information to the public.