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Employee Records Services Overview

About Our Services

UT Arlington Employee Records Services facilitates the data entry, audits, maintenance, storage and retrieval of UT Arlington Employee Records Services, as well as verification of employment, state service transfers, and consulting on Employee Records related questions.

Forms and Information

Information on the various forms that are processed and stored by Employee Records Services Services, including: Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9), Selective Service Verifications, State Service Verifications, etc. Many of the forms are available as downloadable PDF documents, and/or as online services for University employees and departments.

Records Administration [UT EID and special authorization required]

The one-stop-shop for records administration, available to specially authorized personnel.

Employee Records Services & Administration

Records Entry and Maintenance

Employee Records Services processes and maintains all employment documents according to University and Federal requirements. Multiple systems (DEFINE and RAS/UT Direct) are used to accomplish this task. Employee Records Services works in conjunction with Payroll Services and academic departments to ensure employees are paid accurately and timely.

Employment Eligibility Verifications and Compliance

Employee Records Services is responsible for the initial verification and ongoing compliance of Employment Eligibility for all university employees. Employee Records Services works also works in conjunction with the Office in International Education and Payroll Services to process and maintain work authorizations for international employees.

Record Retrieval and Storage

Employee Records Services stores electronic and paper forms related to University of Texas at Arlington employees, including regular, non-regular, student, staff, and faculty positions. Please see Employee File Contents to determine which documents should be stored in Human Resources Personnel Records files, and which should be stored in Department files.

Note: We do not store student records or transcripts; those documents are stored in the Office of the Registrar.

We retrieve information for various customers from electronic and paper documents. Access to Employee Records is safeguarded and released to others only if they are authorized to receive the information. Employees may see and obtain a copy of their employment record either by coming to our office in person (with a photo ID).

Texas Public Information Act

Employee Records Services can be requested through the Texas Public Information Act. Access to certain records is restricted. Open records requests should be filed with the Open Records section of the Office of the Vice President, Business Affairs and Controller.

UT EID Services

Employee Records Services is able to assist employees with UT EID services, including upgrades, which will allow access to secure services and information online via UT Direct. Employees may also use the UT EID self-service features to reset passwords, etc.

Verification of Employment

Verification of Employment (VOE) will be given upon request to authorized agencies and is generally restricted to dates of employment, job title, department, full- or part-time status, and verification of the salary or wage amount given to us by the agency. Turnaround time on these requests is usually 24 hours or less; more time may be required for non-computerized records searches. University employees may also print a copy of their VOE online [UT EID required].

State Service Transfers

State Service Transfers into the University of Texas at Arlington can be requested using the State Employment Verification Form. This form can be downloaded in PDF format from the Employee Records Services webpage. State service transfers out of the University of Texas at Arlington need to be requested in writing (facsimile requests are accepted as well as those submitted by mail). E-mail requests cannot substitute for the written requests.

Consulting Services

Employee Records Services welcomes the opportunity to consult with any customer on records-related questions, and to assist with procedures for administering employment related documents.