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Core Essentials Outline and Description

The Office of Learning and Development would like to help strengthen and grow the knowledge and skills in your CORE. What's at your CORE?Apple Core As you consider the question, I am sure that multiple answers come to mind. Let's take the question a step further though. What's at your CORE as an employee of the University of Texas at Arlington?  

Although what you have at your CORE right now got you the position you are in, are you truly ready for the growth in your area and the changing environment around you? Give your CORE a boost!

The courses listed and described below represent the essential skills and knowledge that every UT Arlington Maverick needs to know. Although many of these courses have been a part of the regular course list from the Office of Training and Development and other key UT Arlington departments for the past several years, we have now revised the Core Essentials program. Those completing the Core Essentials will receive campus recognition and a certificate of completion that will become a part of an employee's permanent record.

The Core Essentials : Essential Skills and Knowledge for all UT Arlington Mavericks:

The Art of Listening: Although most people believe they are good listeners, most people only really listen to a small portion of a conversation. If you have the desire to become a good listener, then this course is for you. Participants will learn the basics of good listening as well as tips for identifying listening style and how to get the most out of a face-to-face conversation.

Customer Service 101: How can I best serve my customers? What’s most important to my customers in face to face interaction? What’s most important to my customers in over the phone interaction? How do I deal with difficult customers? If you're looking for answers to these questions then this is the class for you. Come learn what it means to deliver knock-your-socks-off customer service.

Developing Assertive Communication Skills: Do you struggle to find the right words in a conversation? Do you find yourself not being able to get your point across? Now is your opportunity to learn the skills that can empower you to speak clearly and effectively. Participants will learn about communication styles, non-verbal communication, and additional keys to communication that will educate and empower. Learn powerful tools for assertiveness to help you deal with conflict at all levels in the organization and discover techniques on how to be an assertive communicator. You will also explore the differences between being passive, aggressive and assertive. In addition, you will assess your areas of strength and growth in this critical skill.

Dealing Effectively with Conflict and Confrontation: If your first response to conflict and confrontation is fight or flight, then you are responding naturally. However, there is another solution that comes through knowledge and education. Come learn how to deal effectively with conflict and discover new ways to make every conflict a learning experience. Whether you avoid conflict like the plague or see it as an opportunity to sharpen your claws, this is the class for you.

Time Management: Keys to Everyday Office Success: If your office is a mess and you are drowning in your to-do list, then this class is for you. Participants will learn how backlogs happen, how to manage paperwork, how to eliminate clutter, and discover the benefits of organization. Now is the time and today is the day to get organized and stay organized. Only you can make it happen.

Your Professional Image: No matter what your title reads, you are an essential element in the success of your organization. In order for you to fulfill the responsibilities of your role, you must be able present yourself and your ideas with a great deal for professionalism. This course is designed to help you identify and develop those needed skills for projecting and maintaining professional work relationships, a winning attitude and confidence in the workplace.

Writing Effective E-mails: Email has become an essential communication tool for most individuals and organizations. It is essential that you identify and learn all of the basics of email communication as well as all of the dangers of email communication. In this course, participants will learn the keys to effective e-mails as well as proper cyber manners and how to avoid email overload.

Welcoming Diversity: This workshop, offered three times per year, is an experiential, interactive program designed to promote awareness and increased sensitivity to the many similarities and differences among individuals and groups in our society. Done in an upbeat, hopeful tone, the program focuses on developing self-pride, examining stereotypes, and learning skills in responding to prejudicial jokes, remarks, and slurs. Participants will also discover how to be more attentive to diversity and racism in the workplace and community. Please dress in comfortable/causal attire.

Although the program has changed, if you have taken any of the classes listed above in the past three years they will count toward the completion of the Core Essentials.

If you are ready for the challenge, then contact the Office of Learning and Development by email at or call 817-2725554. Your next step is to check the Learning and Development Calendar to enroll in classes that are part of the Core Essentials program.