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New Face of MavCareers coming in June of 2012

Congratulations on choosing to engage in your professional development and career success. As in any journey, you only go as far as you choose to go. MavCareers is a self-driven program designed to provide essential tools and connections that will help you look deeper into your career possibilities. Participation in the program does not guarantee you a new position or the perfect career. However, what it does provide you is a collection of valuable resources that will help you narrow the possibilities and the encouragement to take each step.

The Journey

Are ready to begin your journey?

Click here to download the MavCareers form and get started.

The form helps us know you are engaged in the process and allows us the opportunity to make sure you have support and access to all of the tools available through MavCareers.

Step 1: Career Assessments

Click above to access the essential gifts and talents tools. Your first and most important step is to explore your gifts & talents and determine how those parts of your identity can possibly point you toward a certain career path. In many ways this exploration will help you build a map for your career. This section is formatted to help you assess your skills, interests, and values. After you have filled out your initial MavCareers form we will forward you links for you to explore your gifts and talents.

Step 2: Career Exploration

Once you have gathered the essential data on your career identity, the next step is to determine how that information points you to a career destination and what course you should take to get there. This section is designed to help you connect with resources and key leaders that will help them take the right steps toward their career goal.

Step 3: Professional Development

Click above to access the training and development website and explore your training and development opportunities. Based on all of your exploration in the previous sections, you should have identified some skills and abilities you will need to either develop or strengthen in order to move further along on your career path.

Step 4: Job Search

At this point in your career exploration, you are ready to start searching for the career opportunities that fit you best.

Contact: Please contact Human Resources the Office of Learning and Development at 817-272-5554 or with your questions or when you need help at any point along the journey.