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Blazing Race 2018 Results



Blazing Race 2018 Winners

Humanikins and The Aid-vengers took top honors in the Blazing Race, an on-campus race sponsored by the UTA Wellness Program. The race on Employee Health and Fitness Day had 36 teams participating. Click here to view photos from the event! (Password is: Maverick18)

High Impact Team Results

First Place HIGH Impact
Humanikins  24.25 Finish Time
Team Members: Kamal Sandhu, Erica Hinojosa, Faith Rushing, Jeanette Blankenship, Brian Brunet, Jessika Munoz

Second Place HIGH Impact
Mod Squad    30.00 Finish Time
Team Members: Sonia Kania and Thelma Cabrera

Third Place HIGH Impact
True Blue Winners  30.98 Finish Time
Team Members: Rachel Nixon,  David Locke, Robert Yarbrough, Dean Peterson, Pam Kellerhals, Rodney Brown

Low Impact Team Results

First Place LOW Impact
The Aid-vengers  14.36 Finish Time
Team Members: Ernesto Martinez, Kiet Vo, Beth Reid, Ashton James, Mayra Payan

Second Place LOW Impact
Campus Rec Staff  19.82 Finish Time
Team Members: Ally Fulton, Leti Hinojosa, Travis Lankford, Amanda Ashmead, Sineyda Ortiz

Third Place LOW Impact
Smart Acids  20.39 Finish Time
Team Members: Stephanie Henry,  Lauren Jones, Bill Cleaver, Beth Klimek, Libby Carroll