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Blazing Race 2017 Results

Blazing Race 2017

Blazing Race 2017 Winners

Humanikins  and SLIMsons took top honors in The Blazing Race, an on-campus race sponsored by the Wellness Committee. The race on Employee Health and Fitness Day had over 150 employees in 33 teams participating.

Humanikins won in the high-impact category with team members Erica Hinojosa, Faith Rushing, Stone Kim, Rosalyn Donaldson and Suwon Park. The low-impact winner, SLIMsons, included Christopher Hall, Steve Latos, Joanna Ng, Sarah Riley and Katy Pedone. Click here to view photos from the event!!!

Blazing Race 2017 Results

High Impact

Low Impact

Humanikins F=24:15

SLIMsons F=16:51

ATAC Chicks F=25:09

Pedestrian Punx F=18:20

Si Se Puede F=25:50

The Free Radicals F=21:11

Not Fast Just Furious F=28:00 Leaping LINKERs F=21:12
KOOKIES FOR KHUSH F=31:07 NMO All-Stars F=22:29
Ref Riders F=32:15 Scrubs on the Run F=23:28
Bread&Butter F=34:35 Cowtown BMX F=23:33
Trailer Park Mavericks F=35:55

MAC Mamas F=23:48

The High Steppers F=36:20

4 & a Half Advisors F=23:55
The Young and Breathless F=37:20 HR Blazers F=24:57
UTA Regulators F=37:48 The Wolf Pack F=25:19
Grant Chasers F=38:04 Here we Go Again F=26:11

Career Development Center F=53:43

Boo-Yeah Part Dos F=27:25

Sugar Island Terminators F=28:00

Hot G F=29:04

Pipette Girls F=29:25

Runnin' on Empties F=29:37
Diet COLAS F=30:40
Six Million Dollar Loafers F=33:13
ericj F=34:21