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Wellness Event!

Blazing Race!




Already have the Walktober Blues? Don't worry! A year-round tracking tool called 10K-A-Day. Begins Monday, November 28, 10K-A-Day is live for registration and logging immediately. Learn more about tracking steps year-round with the new 10K-A-Day campaign from Living Well.

10K-A-Day is a physical activity campaign that challenges you to accumulate 10,000 steps each day, while virtually traversing a variety of global trails. As with Walktober, you'll have access to many well-being resources, social support features, and a database of healthy recipes. 10K-A-Day will be ongoing for the next year, allowing you to record activity 24/7, between UT System and Institution challenges.

To learn more about 10K-A-Day, read the FAQs and Great Ways to Win at Wellness.

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