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Building Financial Wellness

A recent poll by Workplace Options found that 48% of employees say financial stress is affecting their work performance.

UT Arlington is committed to lifelong learning and to the health of its campus community. To assist you in developing a basis of financial wellness, the UT Arlington Wellness Committee along with the Office of Human Resources have developed a financial wellness program aimed to break down the barriers to improved financial health by providing employees with all of the resources they need to solve their entire financial puzzle.  This program includes web-based education, live seminars and one-on-one financial coaching to accommodate varied financial issues, learning styles and levels of employee commitment.

Online Presentations/Podcasts

  • Is TRS Enough? (13:23 min)

    Live Seminars/Workshops (scheduled every other month)

    • ORP Participants,   Retirement …. Are you thinking about it?? (Monday, April 23, 2012) 

    Register For Workshops Here

    One-On-One Financial Counseling