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Maverick 2013 Challenge

5th Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge

Dates TBA

Sedentary lifestyles can lead to obesity and significant health problems.  Regular exercise, physical activity and good nutrition are among the best steps a person can make for good health and longevity.  There are daily and weekly endeavors considered moderate physical activity that you may already do or can easily add to your daily routine:

Walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator;  Gardening;  Mowing the lawn;  Pushing a stroller;  Cleaning house;  Walking or bike riding instead of driving;  Taking a brisk 10+ minute walk in the morning, at lunch and after dinner

To help you stay motivated and make it easy to track your progress, all UT System Institutions have partnered with the Get Fit Texas! to celebrate our 5th Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge. The institution with the greatest participation based on headcount will be awarded the coveted “Traveling Trophy”!

JOIN TODAY -  Follow the steps below to join the Challenge and bring the Traveling Trophy to UT Arlington!

  1. Go to (NOTE: If you have participated in the Texas Round Up! in past years, please use the same User Name and Password. Click here to retrieve this information.)
  2. Click “Join Program” above username area
  3. Select “I am a state agency Employee” and click <ok>
  4. Fill out the required fields to finalize your registration. For the question "State Agency Name", select UT Arlington. 
  5. Once the form is complete click <save>