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Noam Chomsky and the Public Intellectual in Dark Times

Henry A. Giroux
Anonymous Revolution? A Hacker Manifesto Revisited

Garry Potter
The Postmodern Infantilization of the Media

Jacopo Bernardini
“Game over Mubarak”: the Arab Revolutions and the Gamification of Everyday Life

Peter Snowdon
Facts, Fantasies, and New Online Sociopolitical Interpassivity

Nathan Greenslit
The Construction and Demonization of the Lazybones

Mikael Ottosson and Calle Rosengren
Deletion Practices in the Era of Permanent Digital Memory

Eric Kula
The Commodity as the Ultimate Monstrosity: Capitalism and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or, Reading Marx’s Capital through Durkheim’s Suicide

Mark P. Worrell
The Chinese Blogosphere as a Site of Social Engagement and Contestation

Jianxin Liu
Go to Darwin and Starve, Ya Bastard: Theorizing the Decline of Third Tier Cities

Tara Brabazon
All Quiet on the Neoliberal Front? A Reconsideration of Habermas's Legitimation Crisis

Sascha Engel
Durable Fiction: Danilo Kiš and his Library

Aleš Debeljak