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'I Am The Library'

Audrey Sprenger
Revolutionary Industry and Digital Colonialism

D. E. Wittkower
By What Means, By Whose Means?

Alf Rehn
Knowledge and Cultural Production in the Context of Contemporary Capitalism: A response to Wittkower

Jeremy Hunsinger
Saying Something or Having Something to Say: Attention Seeking, the Breakdown of Privacy, and the Promise of Discourse in the Blogosphere

Gloria Jacobs
“Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud”: Organizing Since Katrina

Diane Harriford and Becky Thompson
Exploring the Liquid Politics of Tourism: Developing Reflexivity in Backpacker Discourse

Rebecca Jane Bennett
The War Between n+1 and The Elegant Variation, or When Production Overlooks Consumption in the Literary Political Economy

Elisabeth Chaves
Torture and Absolution: The Shadow Twin Towers of Atro/City

Cynthia Haynes
Massive Multi-Player Online Games and the Developing Political Economy of Cyberspace

Mike Kent
The McDonaldization of Higher Education?: Notes on the UK Experience

Christian Garland
Evil Bert Laden: ViRaL Texts, Community, and Collision

James J Brown Jr.
The Disintegration of Fordism and the Transformation of Black Anti-Semitism in America, 1945-2005

Mark P. Worrell
On Werner Herzog's Documentary ‘Grizzly Man‘: Psychoanalysis, Nature, and Meaning

John W. White
“Privatized” Militarism: A New Era?

Carl Boggs
The Passing of Jean Baudrillard

Robert Antonio
Slow Thoughts for Fast Times - Lies and Life: The Other Italians

Charles Lemert
A Conversation on Guns, Masculinities, and School Shootings

Jackson Katz inteviewing Douglas Kellner
Poetry: 'For Harvey Milk' and 'Comstock Correctional Upstate New York'

Becky Thompson