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Special Section on Slovenia/Europe/Capitalism

Intoxicated with Raison d’etat

Anej Korsika
There’s Chemistry Between Us: European Transition to Transition

Anže Dolinar
The Yugoslav Wars as the Primordial Accumulation of Capital

Mirt Komel
Researching Slovenian Media in Transition: Situating Knowledge

Jurij Smrke
Slovene without a Passport: Ljubljana, Theory, Utopia

Ben Agger

Special Section on Social Media and Internet Studies

A Contribution to the Critique of the Political Economy of Google

Christian Fuchs
A Notion of Faces Not Laws: Facebook as Ideological Platform

Matthew Levy
A Research Agenda for Social Media Surveillance

Daniel Trottier
Facebook Killed the Reunion Star: How Facebook is Changing Who We Are and What We Do

Sara Ridenour

Special Section on Global Noir

Global Noir: An Introduction

Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Noir as Politics: Spanish Language Hardboiled Detective Fiction and the Discontents of the Left

Patrick Blaine
Saviano, Garrone, Gomorrah: Neorealism and Noir in the Land of the Camorra

Fabrizio Cilento
“The World of the Grotesque is the Darkness Within Us”: The Noir Geoaesthetics of Murakami’s Nakata

Rick Dolphijn
Diseasing the City: Colonial Noir and the Ruins of Modernity

Robert Peckham
Macau Noir: Criminal Brotherhoods, Casino Capitalism, and the Case of the Post-Socialist Chinese Consumer

Tim Simpson, Photos by Adam Lampton