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Special Section on Academia in the Internet Age

The (Coming) Social Media Revolution in the Academy

Jessie Daniels and Joe Feagin
The Man from Somewhere: Author, Affiliation, and Letterhead

Patricia Mooney Nickel
Publish or Perish: Digital Presence and Mobility as Worth

Venessa Paech
Rejecting Academic Labor as a Subaltern Class: Learning from Paulo Freire and the Politics of Critical Pedagogy

Henry A. Giroux

Regular Articles

Blow Out, Blow Back, Blow Up, Blow Off: The Plutonomic Politics of Economic Crisis since 2001

Timothy W. Luke
‘No, they’re not digital natives and they’re not addicted’ : An Essay Critiquing Contestable Labels

Nicola F. Johnson
Something for All, so that None may Escape: Reworking the Critique of Consumption

Christian Garland
Baudrillard in the 21st Century (and after)

Gerry Coulter
Jean Baudrillard’s Karl Marx – Productivist Ideology and The Future of the Left

Gerry Coulter
Setting, Speaking, and Framing in the New Discourse of Elected Executions: A Play in Three Acts

C. Lee Harrington, Heather Reece, and Glenn W. Muschart
The Hyperbole of Dubai

Josh Hammerling
Where The Tin Lizzy Took Us

William Matthew McCarter
Aging in Europe: implications and possibilities

Jason L. Powell