NSF Graduate Student Poster Competition Winners:

There were seven (7) winners of the Graduate Student Poster Paper Competition sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The winners participated at the Aegean Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Workshop by poster paper presentations.

Each winner received:

Brent Carey (Rice University)
Osteomimetic Fatigue Strengthening in Carbon Nanotube/Polymer Composites

Mohamed Gharbi (University of Houston)
The Origins of Electromechanical Indentation Size Effect in Ferroelectrics

Satyender Goel (University of Central Florida)
Ligand Effect on the Absorption and Emission of Noble Metal Nanoclusters

Melanie Kirkham (Georgia Institute of Technology)
In-Situ X-ray Diffraction of the Catalyzed Growth of Si Nanowires

Ilia Andreyevich Nikiforov (University of Minnesota)
Nanomechanics of Carbon Nanotubes and Si Nanowires via Objective Molecular Modeling

Miguel Pelaez (University of Cincinnati)
Nanostructured Non-Metal-Doped TiO2 for the Degradation of Microcystin-LR under Visible Light

Chunqing Peng (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Enhanced ITO Nanoparticle Adsorption during Layer-by-layer Assembly by ITO Surface Modification

First Best Poster Winner

Improvement of Height Uniformity of ZnO Nanowire Arrays by Using Electropolishing Method