The Endemic Plants of Greece

A presentation by
Dr. Kit Tan
University of Copenhagen

In this presentation, I wish to treat and celebrate plants that are Greek, and only Greek. Our area is a crossroads between the plants of the Euro-Siberian, Mediterranean and Irano-Turanian floristic regions. Endemic plants are almost always the most vulnerable because they are usually in small, fragmented populations. They have not the large numbers to recover from a dramatic loss. They are valuable because they are unique. They need protection from accidental ethnic cleansing. Our increasing specialization of scientific disciplines is a growing impediment to communication, even in academic circles. So much is given over to closer and closer scrutiny of technical detail, so much increasingly depends on finer and finer measurement, in this Age of Reduction. One longs for the breadth and perspective, for the fresh air and the long view. It is hoped we would not lose sight of these human values as we continue our diligent research in the physical sciences.

Dr. Kit Tan

Dr. Kit Tan: Research Associate at the University of Copenhagen; Botanical Scientific Advisor & Honorary Curator of the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Kifissia, north of Athens.

The Goulandris Natural History Museum at Kifissia, north of Athens, was founded by Angelos and Niki Goulandris in 1963. It contains botanical, zoological, paleontological and geological collections, exhibition galleries and a library as well as the best herbarium in Greece. The belief of the founders is that the preservation of the rich but endangered flora and fauna of Greece, must be based on knowledge and education. This, the Museum seeks to provide through its exhibits and publications.

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Cultural Events

Archaelogy of the Argolid
by Dr. Karl Petruso

The Endemic Plants of Greece
by Dr. Kit Tan



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