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AKS Porto Heli & Hinitsa Hotels

AKS Porto Heli Hotel

The 5th IC4N 2016 will take place at the "AKS Porto Heli Hotel and Conference Center" in Porto Heli, Greece. Porto Heli is one of the most beautiful and exclusive Greek regions and a very popular tourist destination.

AKS Porto Heli Hotel

AKS Porto Heli & Hinitsa Hotels
Porto Heli, Greece

The AKS PORTO HELI hotel is located in Porto Heli, traditionally, a quaint fishing village on Porto Heli Bay. Porto Heli is in the prefecture of Argolis in the Eastern Peloponnese, noted for its magnificent beauty, ancient history and culture. Porto Heli is a preferred summer destination of cosmopolitan Athenians because of its proximity to Athens and beautiful coast.

The Porto Heli Hotel overlooks a glorious sandy beach and faces the picturesque Porto Heli Bay. By land, from Athens, Porto Heli is a 2½ hour drive (185 km) or you can choose the sea route via catamaran. The hotel is directly opposite the beautiful island of Spetses, which is easily reached 24 hours a day by water- taxi departing from the hotel pier.

AKS Porto Heli Hotel


AKS Porto Heli Hotel

By car, take the Attica Ring Road to the National Highway toward Corinth. After passing the Isthmus of Corinth veer to the right and follow exit B toward Epidaurus to Kranidi and Porto Heli. Drive through Kranidi and once you have reached the central square of Porto Heli, turn left toward Costa. AKS PORTO HELI hotel is 500 m along the coastal road near the mid point of the bay.

AKS Hinitsa Bay Hotel

AKS Porto Heli Hotel

The AKS HINITSA BAY hotel invites the guest to marvel at the beauty of nature's artful design. Situated on a wooded peninsula, the hotel embraces the sea, with the small island of Hinitsa close enough to reach out and touch.

The hotel borrows its name from the islet, which acts as a natural barrier against the wind, protecting the hotel's superb, private beach. The lure of clear, calm waters enhanced by every luxury creates a seaside paradise.

Destination Peloponnese

Peloponnese, a peninsula in the form of a maple leaf, is 212 km long ending at Cape Matapan, the southernmost point of Europe, after Tarifa, Spain. This ancient earth was home to the legendary Pelopidian King, Agamemnon, sovereign of the brilliant Mycenaean civilisation, whose expedition to Troy became the theme of Homer's "Iliad." In the Bronze Age, Mycenaean rule extended to almost the entire peninsula, which is rich in myth, history and rare beauty. Today, the ancient "Isle of Pelops" is divided into seven prefectures.

Argolis, in the Eastern Peloponnese includes the ancient site of Mycenae, Naplio, first capital of modern Greece, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus and, on its southern coast, the magical landscape of Porto Heli Bay. Porto Heli is built on the ruins of an ancient city and archaeological finds tell the story of a prosperous people who made their wealth through commerce, farming and ceramics. The town is gateway to the charms of the area including the mystique of ancient cultures, flourishing vineyards, the mesmerising crystalline blue waters of the bay, memorable sunsets and the picturesque port dotted with traditional fishing boats.

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