Analog IC Design Research Group @ UT-Arlington
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PhD Students
Name Areas of Interest Research Topic
Md Mahbub Hossain

Analog/Digital Circuit Design, CMOS RF IC Design and Semiconductor Device Modeling and Characterization (Thermal).



"Self-heating effect on Analog Circuit Design"

Mingsheng Peng

Analog IC Design (Bipolar, BiCMOS and CMOS) "Rail-to-rail input and output Operational Amplifier design and analysis."
Suman Chakrabarty

Analog Circuit Design.

"Current Controlled Positive Resistor design for Variable Gain Amplifiers"
AKM Sydul Haque

Analog Circuit Design.

"Variable Frequency RC Oscillator Using Modern Current Feedback Amplifiers for High Frequency Applications"
Daewoo Kim

Modeling and Characterization of  Bipolar Junction Transistors(BJT) and MOSFET Devices.


"Thermal model for Dielectrically isolated BJT"
Kamal R. Sinha

Analog/Digital Circuit Design and Semiconductor Device Physics.

"Design and Analysis of Low Power and Thermally Stable Analog Circuit Design"
Master's Students
Ardasheir Rahman
Analog IC Design (Bipolar, BiCMOS and CMOS), Mixed-Signal Circuit Design and CMOS RF IC Design.
"Analysis of the operating characteristics of a current-feedback operational amplifier as affected by transistor heating effects. This is done in Cadence environment using the VBIC models. "
Mei Ping Pua Analog & RF IC Design  
Obi Oji Analog IC Design (Bipolar, BiCMOS and CMOS) and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design  
Undergraduate Student
Naveen Makineni Analog IC Design