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The IDEAS Center services include free tutoring and mentoring for transfer students, sophomores, first-generation college students and anyone transitioning to a four-year university. The IDEAS Center uses a peer-to-peer approach to partnering with UT Arlington students to support student success. Services are offered during the schoolday but also after 5 pm and on weekends to respond to the needs of non-traditinal students.

Examples of services provides by IDEAS Center tutors and mentors include tutoring by leading discussions to enhance comprehension of academic subject matters, engaging students in learning time-management best practices, engaging in techniques to improve motivation for academic success, and identifying strategies for adapting to campus life and academia at a large research university.

Tutors and mentors are trained to provide these services to their peers who may have different learning styles (visual, aural, kinesthetic, etc.). Students can also request a specific tutor or mentor for continuity of service as they return to the IDEAS Center.