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GTA Directory Spring 2018

Ashkan Aliabadi Farahani Ashkan Aliabadi Farahani
IE 5342
with Dr. Kydd

KamalSharukh Alungal Kamal
IE 2308
with Dr. Componation

Anahideh Hadis Anahideh Hadis
IE 6303 with Dr. Rosenberger
IE 6308 with Dr. Chen

BariA B M Mainul Bari
IE 5329
for Dr. Krecji and Dr. Wood

BiswasDeeptish Biswas
IE 5342
with Dr. Kydd

Azam Boskabadi Azam Boskabadi
IE 5301
with Dr. Corley

Juan Castillo Juan Castillo
IE 3301 with Dr. Eberhardt
IE 5345 with Dr. Priest

Ukesh Chawal Ukesh Chawal
IE 5345
with Dr. Priest

Tomal Das Tomal Das
IE 4344 Lead
with Dr. Imrhan

DewanganSuyash Dewangan
IE 3301
with Dr. Eberhardt

Alireza Fallahi Alireza Fallahi
IE 5318 Lead
with Dr. LeBoulluec and Dr. Kan

Mohammed FarhanMohammed Farhan
IE 5320, IE 4318
with Dr. Liles

Amin Gharehyakheh Amin Gharehyakheh
IE 5334
with Dr. Hamdan

GunishettyShravan Kumar Gunishetty
IE 4322
with Dr. Huff

Rahil Hosseini Rahil Hosseini
IE 3301
with Dr. Eberhardt

Mohammad Amin Javadi Mohammad Amin Javadi
IE 2308 Lead
with Dr. Tejeda

Xinglong Ju Xinglong Ju
IE 2305
with Dr. Boardman

Feng Liu Feng Liu
IE 3301
with Dr. Wang

AnandhiAnandhi Mahalingam
IE 5304
with Dr. Singhal

MehtaliaDishita Mehtalia
IE 5318
with Dr. LeBoulluec and Dr. Kan

Maryan Moghimi Maryan Moghimi
IE 3315
with Dr. Corley

Hafsa Mohsin Hafsa Mohsin
IE 4322, IE 4379, IE 5322, IE 5379
with Dr. Huff

Joyita Mostafa Joyita Mostafa
IE 4350
with Dr. Rogers

Nilufer Oran Nilufer Oran
IE 4302 Lead, IE 6305
with Dr. Lummus

OzayDervis Oday
IE 5342
with Dr. Kydd

ParmarKeval Parmar
IE 5301
with Dr. Rosenberger

Kinming (Frank) Puk Kinming (Frank) Puk
IE 5332 with Dr. Corley
IE 6318 with Dr. Wang

Md Mamunur Rahman Md Mamunur Rahman
IE 4340
with Dr. Cantu

Shirish Mohan Rao Shirish Mohan Rao
IE 1205 with Dr. Boardman
IE 4344 with Dr. Imrhan

SekarSrividya Sekar
IE 5318
with Dr. LeBoulluec and Dr. Kan

SethuRajesh Sethu
IE 5329
with Dr. Krecji and Dr Wood

ShahPahini Shaw
IE 4302
with Dr. Lummus

Parth ShahParth Shah
IE 3301
with Dr. Eberhardt

KumarSneha Ravindra Kumar
IE 2308
with Dr. Zhou

  Supannee Sukjaijaroenporn Supannee Sukjaijaroenporn
IE 5320, IE 4318 Lead
with Dr. Liles

ViswanathaAmith Viswanatha
IE 4345, IE 5354
with Dr. Ferreira

ZhangLi Zhang
IE 5317
with Dr. Imrhan and Dr. Singhal