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Manufacturing Certificate

Manufacturing is the process of transforming raw materials into finished goods having value in the marketplace. This transformation requires people, equipment, tools, and energy; and it creates wealth in our society. A manufacturing enterprise must acquire customers, design products, develop fabrication processes, assemble the products, and then support them in the field. Therefore the curriculum for this concentration is a 14-course program incorporating such state-of-the-art technologies as lean production, agile and virtual manufacturing, rapid prototyping, automation, robotics, and other technologies. A student completing this concentration is awarded a Certificate in Manufacturing in addition to the M.S. Industrial Engineering degree. The 42-hour certificate program in manufacturing is shown in the table below.

IE Core Classes
  • IE 5301 – Advanced Operations Research
  • IE 5304 – Advanced Engineering Economy
  • IE 5318 – Applied Regression Analysis
  • IE 5329 – Production and Inventory Control Systems
  • IE 5338 – Human Engineering or IE 5342 – Metrics and Measurements
  • IE 5303 – Quality Systems

*Based on prior academic preparation, additional or substitute coursework may be required.

Supporting Courses
  • IE 5322 – Simulation and Optimization
  • IE 5320 – Enterprise Engineering Methods or IE 5321 – Enterprise Analysis and Design
  • INSY 5335 – Applied Database Management or CSE 5330 – Database Systems
  • Approved External Manufacturing Elective
Manufacturing Courses
  • IE 5330 – Automation and Advanced Manufacturing
  • IE 5310 – Production Systems
  • IE 6302 – Facilities Planning and Design
  • Approved Internal Manufacturing Elective

Contact Dr. Brian Huff for more information.