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Department Labs

Our department hosts three distinct labs: The Micro Manufacturing Lab, Human Factors and Ergonomics Lab, and the Automation Lab.

Micro Manufacturing Lab

Micro Manufacturing LabThe micro manufacturing lab has research and teaching capability for fabricating very small, high precision mechanical parts. The lab is capable of fabricating plastic, aluminum, and steel parts. It is currently being used to fabricate micro reactors for bio fuels and coal liquidification. Funding for projects have included private companies as well as The Department of Energy.  Equipment includes laser machining, Micro CNC mill, 3D microscope, and vacuum press.

IMSE Affiliation: Dr. John Priest

Human Factors and Ergonomics Lab

Human Factors and Ergonomics LabThe Human Factors and Ergonomics laboratory is used mainly for instruction in IE 5338 (Human Engineering), IE 5331 (Industrial Ergonomics), IE 5335 (Advanced Occupational Environmental Hygiene Engineering), IE 5326 (Biomechanics) and IE 5391 (Independent Research in Ergonomics). It is equipped mainly for empirical studies in the assessment of physical workload analysis, physiological work stress, environmental work stress, and cognitive work assessment. These apparatuses are also used to conduct ergonomics research.

IMSE Affiliation: Dr. Sheik Imrhan

Automation Lab

The Automation Lab is used mainly for instruction in IE 4325 (Automation and Robotics I), IE 4349 (Industrial Automation), IE 4378 (Intro to Unmanned Vehicle Systems), and IE5330 (Automation and Advanced Manufacturing).

IMSE Affiliation: Dr. Brian Huff