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Student Feedback Survey (SFS)

For Staff

A Fact Sheet for Departmental Leadership and Support Staff

Below is an overview of the SFS implementation process as it applies to fall and spring courses following a standard 15-week schedule. 

Courses offered on a non-standard schedule (dynamically-dated classes, Accelerated Online classes, many classes at the UTA Fort Worth/Santa Fe Center, etc.) are managed on a separate schedule. Regardless of specific dates, the sequence of steps given below will be followed. 

When? Who? What?

Weeks preceding academic term

Curriculum Committees
Department/School Staff

Verify the instruction type for each course in MyMav: lecture, lab, seminar, practicum, etc. If changes are required, process via the unit’s curriculum committee. 

Weeks preceding academic term

Department/School Staff

Enter course data into MyMav, including instructor(s), instructor status (primary/secondary), workload percentages, begin date, end date, etc.

By the census date

Department/School Staff

Update MyMav records so that all courses have instructors assigned to them.

The week after the census date

SFS Team ↔ Unit Staff

Request from units a list of courses for which a) there are multiple instructors and b) the instructors wish to be evaluated individually.

Day after the last official drop date

SFS Team

Pull course, instructor, and student information from MyMav, schedule survey dates within SmartEvals, and execute the surveys.

Mid November / April

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Notify all faculty members about impending deployment of the SFS process (via faculty listserv).

2 weeks before last day of class

SFS Team

Issue e-mail messages to all students (via MavMail) inviting them to complete the SFS; the e-mail message includes a hyperlink to the survey site and instructions to access the survey.

Daily during the survey period

Automatically-Generated E-mail

Issue reminders to all students who have not yet responded to the survey.

Last day of class,
11:00 PM

SFS Team

Close all SFS surveys.

Up to 1 week after grades are official

SFS Team

Send out result notification emails to the instructors. The notification provides the link to the result dashboard.

1 week after faculty reports are sent

SFS Team

Send result notification emails to chairs/support staff. The notification provides the link to the result dashboard.

Because of changes in the SFS process, we are asking each unit to reconsider which member of its staff should serve as the SFS contact. This individual should be the one who is responsible for entering and updating course information in MyMav: instructor assignments, start/end dates, etc. 


Anticipated Questions

Q: What does my unit have to do so that students will know when to complete a Student Feedback Survey online? 
A:  Nothing – provided that you have ensured that the data entered into MyMav are accurate.

The Central Administration will communicate directly with every student enrolled in each course that is eligible to be surveyed via MavMail. The Office of the Provost will also maintain contact with the faculty about the SFS process. It is important that each unit entered accurate information into MyMav by the published deadlines regarding the instructor(s) of record, the start and end date of the course, and the category of the course (i.e. lecture, etc.)

Courses that are required to be surveyed are lectures, lab, seminars, or practicum that have at least five students enrolled after the last class drop dates.

Q: How will students know that they’re supposed to complete a Student Feedback Survey online? 

A:  Every student enrolled in each course will receive an e-mail message from the “UT Arlington Course Evaluations” team informing him/her about the survey, including a hyperlink to the survey with the instruction how to access the surveys. Students may also find the survey link on their Blackboard/Canvas page: during the survey period.  

Q: Is there a central website where students can access all of their Student Feedback Surveys at once? 
A:  Yes, the course Blackboard/Canvas page. 

Q: If a student takes more than one course in a term, will that student receive multiple SFS messages? 
A:  No. Students will receive only one e-mail message for all courses. The messages includes a link and instruction how to access the surveys. A daily reminder will also be sent out until the student completes all of his/her surveys. 

Q: What if students don’t check their MavMail? Will they be able to access the survey? 
A:  Yes, the survey links will be on the course Blackboard page during the survey period.

Q: Are the professors allowed to encourage students to complete the survey? 
A:  Yes, so long as they do not offer students any sort of extra credit for participating. 

Q: Two professors in my unit are team-teaching a course. Will students fill out separate surveys for each instructor? 
A:  Yes, provided that you provide us with a list of all such courses and the instructors’ names. We will ask for those lists at the beginning of the semester right after the census date. 

Q: If a student misses the deadline for completing the survey, can a new survey be issued? 
A:  No. All surveys must be completed during the time frame specified in the invitation e-mail. 

Q: Will professors be able to connect a student’s survey responses with his/her identity? 
A:  No. The responses are anonymously and do not have identifying information associated with them. 

Q: When will the professors receive their SFS results? 
A:  An email notification will be sent out to each instructor about two weeks after the surveys close and official grades have been posted. The notification will contain a link to their Dashboard with survey results.  The Dashboard will allow faculty to serve as an archive of surveys from previous semesters (starting Summer 2016) onward.

Q: When will the academic units (chairs and AAs) receive the SFS results for all of their faculty members? 
A:  One week after instructors’ reports are available.