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Student Feedback Survey (SFS)

The Results

UTA's Student Feedback Survey (SFS) is intended to provide the public with information about how students have responded to the teaching of individual faculty members. It must be understood, however, that assessing any faculty member’s teaching is a complex and multi-faceted exercise. Our University employs more than a thousand instructors at various academic ranks, with varying levels of experiences, teaching in a wide array of disciplines in courses of differing types and sizes. 

Many factors affecting a faculty member’s performance in the classroom lie beyond the scope of the SFS. Because the performance of a faculty member cannot and should not be evaluated by a single measure, the summary data reported on this website should not be viewed as comprehensive. Moreover, given the number and variety of the factors affecting any instructor’s classroom performance, direct comparisons among faculty may be misleading and may not yield meaningful conclusions. Most critically, any rating based on fewer than five (5) observations must be viewed as unreliable.


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