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Student Feedback Survey (SFS)

Viewing Results for Faculty

The following instructions are for UTA faculty. If you are a student who wishes to review the results of the Student Feedback Survey, please click on The Results link to the left. 

Click the image above for a video tutorial! 

(Note: This video can be viewed on campus without pauses due to the internet speed available. If viewing off-campus, you may need to pause the video and allow it to fully download before watching it to avoid a choppy experience.)


Enter your login credentials and click the login button.

Result URL:



Before you get started, here is an overview of what you will see once you have logged in. At the top of the page you will see a gray bar with the following tabs. Click on a tab to open that page or hover over it with your cursor to see the drop down menu.


  • Active Evaluations Tab - Shows evaluations currently in progress.
  • Recent Evaluations Tab - Shows results for evaluations within the past year.
  • Historical Evaluations Tab - Shows results for evaluations that are over one year old. Please note: IOTA Myclass evaluation system at UTA started in summer 2016. Historical results prior to summer 2016 have not been transferred from the previous system until further notice.
  • Select Course – Lists the courses that were evaluated this session. (This tab only appears after selecting a course or a Viewing/Printing Option)
  • Viewing/Printing Options Tab  - Displays a drop down menu that gives the following options:
    • Benchmark
    • View Graphs/Comments
    • Course Comparison
    • Browse Results
    • Search Comments
    • Print Page
    • Download Raw Data

To get started, click Recent Evaluations and select a session to view from the dropdown menu. Below the gray bar you will see the session name, the start and end dates, and statistics for the entire evaluation period (all courses and instructors). Click the arrow ▶ beside the session name to expand the session view and reveal courses. You can filter these results by School, Course Code, Course Title, and/or Instructor using the fields provided at the top of the columns.

My Class Eval

Just below the session information is a list of your evaluated courses* with additional statistics. At the bottom of the page is a graph of the number of responses received for your courses by date.

Click on each blue Course Code to open a Benchmark report for that course and then select options from the Viewing/Printing Options drop down for additional views.  In the example above you could click on the course MUS-117-01.

*CHAIRS, DEANS, and SUPERVISORS will see courses according to the purview provided by the school’s Evaluation Coordinator.


Use the Viewing/Printing Options tab to select an item from the drop down menu. Use the Select Course tab on the gray bar to choose from all available courses within the session.

Benchmark Graph

This report shows the selected course in comparison to all other evaluated courses in the Institution, College/School Level, or Department Level by choosing from the drop down menu under the report title. Explanations/definitions of the headings will appear if you hover over the word/abbreviation.


View Graphs/Comments

This option displays the evaluation for a course by question, providing statistics for each question beside a corresponding graph. Hover over the category name for a more detailed description. This view also includes student comments, if any, at the bottom of the report. You can click View Comments to jump directly to your comments. There is an Instructor Comments section (rebuttal tool) available just below the student comments. This provides an opportunity for instructors to give their feedback regarding the results of an evaluation. Any comments entered are visible to admins.

View Graphs/Comments

Comprehensive Report

This option displays the same in formation as the report in View Graphs/Comments, but in another format.

Comprehensive Report

Historical Analysis

The Historical Analysis provides each instructor historical comparison reports of all courses (s)he has taught since summer 2016. 

Historical Analysis

Course Comparison

This view displays the evaluation by question to directly compare the results from other courses taught by this instructor. Click on the arrow ▶ beside the instructor to view these comparisons. Hover over scores to view the question text.

By Course

Browse Results

This will allow you to view results from individual evaluations. Click the icon beside the course number to view student responses for this evaluation.

Browse Results

Search Comments

This will allow you to search for a specific word in the student comments. Also, if you click on Tag Cloud, you will be presented with the most widely used words within student comments for the entire evaluation. The font size represents each word’s frequency.


Print Report

This will send a copy of the report on your screen to the printer of your choice (or to pdf if that is one of your “printer” options).

Download Raw Data

This feature will download all your data from the selected evaluation session into an Excel spreadsheet. Responses to scored questions are represented numerically.