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Student Feedback Survey


SFS announcer manAs part of UT Arlington’s efforts toward continually improving the quality of teaching, we have developed the Student Feedback Survey (SFS) program, a campus-wide program that affords students with an opportunity to reflect upon their experience in each organized course (lectures, seminars, and labs) and offer relevant feedback.


Toward the end of each term, each student enrolled in a lecture, seminar, or lab course will receive an e-mailed invitation to participate in the SFS for that particular section. (Students will receive separate e-mail messages for each course in which they are enrolled.) With few exceptions, each SFS is administered online. In every case, the feedback is submitted anonymously.

Once the final grades for the term have been officially certified by the University, summaries of the SFS data are provided to both the professor and his/her supervisor. These reports help members of the faculty identify which aspects of a course should remain unchanged and which aspects might benefit from revision.

For Spring 2016 courses:

  • SFS invitations will be issued on Thursday, April 21, 2016.
  • Access to the survey will close at 11:00 PM on Friday, May 6, 2016.
    (i.e., before we enter into final exams)

For courses taught on a non-standard schedule (e.g., five-week online courses), the survey period is one week long: invitations to participate in the SFS process are issued one week before the "end date" listed in MyMav and close at 11:00 PM on the evening before the official end date listed in MyMav.

Why has UT Arlington moved to deploying the end-of-term Student Feedback Survey online?
By administering the SFS online, we eliminate the need to print more than 110,000 paper surveys each long semester. We further elilminate the need to store the over 20 cartons of documents for three years, as required by statute.
The use of online surveys eliminates the need to scan data from paper forms, thereby expediting the reporting process. Removing the scanner from the process also reduces error, as the data don't need be converted from analog to digital format.

All responses to the survey items are dissociated from the student’s identity, thereby ensuring anonymity. When a survey is submitted, the password is recorded as "expended" in the processing database while the data are stripped of all information that might identify the respondent and deposited to a separate database.

Student responses for each section of a course are combined into a single report, thereby providing the instructor with a summative account of the students’ course experience. No individual survey responses are available for review.
Surveys remain open for multiple days, thereby providing students with the option of responding at their convenience.

In accordance with state law, UT Arlington provides public online access to summary statistics for key survey items. To view SFS summary data, click on "SFS Results."

To learn more about the SFS system, go to the top of the page and click on the link that best describes your role in the process.