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Unit Effectiveness Process

student in lab

The assessment process of academic and administrative outcomes at UT Arlington is called the Unit Effectiveness Process (UEP).   We assess all programs for which academic credit is awarded, including degree programs, certain certificate programs and stand-alone minors. Certificate programs in which the course work is not assessed through a degree program should be assessed independently. Stand-alone minors must also be assessed independently. 


Current Biennial Assessment Cycle Phase 
2016-2017: Assessment Planning

Improvement Reports Academic year
2013 - 2014: Reporting Open

2014 - 2015: Reporting Open


Spring 2016 Important Dates

3-1-16:  1st Draft of Assessment Plans Due to Deans/VPs (suggested deadline)

4-1-16:  2nd Draft of Assessment Plans Due to IER

5-31-16:  Final Version of Assessment Plans Due