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Unit Effectiveness Process

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The Unit Effectiveness Process (UEP) is the University-wide mechanism through which units participate in outcomes assessment. The goal of the process is to promote continuous improvement. The process is anchored by the University's mission and guided by the priorities established in the strategic plan, Bold Solutions | Global Impact: The Model 21st Century Urban Research University. 

The data obtained through the UEP is intended to be meaningful and useful at the unit level. UEP assessments are unit-driven. Faculty and staff determine which outcomes to assess each cycle based on their individual programmatic needs and priorities set forth by their division/college/school and/or through the strategic plan.

Academic instructional units assess learning in educational programs. Administrative support and academic administrative units assess administrative/operational outcomes. The UEP is conducted biennially. 

Current Biennial Assessment Cycle

2016-2018 – Phase II: Implementation, Assessment, and Analysis

Improvement Reporting

2015-2016 Improvement Report due November 4, 2016